Where You Can Help

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family…

NYC MORE 2012 has decided it’s time to hang up our face masks, put away our work gloves, and clean up our work boots. As the city continues to rebuild, we realize that it’s time to step aside and let the experts take the lead. We believe it is no longer appropriate to send general volunteers to the devastated areas; it’s time for the professionals. So much work remains, but we believe our part in the efforts has come to a close.

Thanks to your support of our Marathon of Relief Efforts, in the past 26.2 days, we have:

-Mobilized thousands of volunteers to provide help to hundreds of families and businesses in Staten Island, The Rockaways, Long Beach, Coney Island and Red Hook.

-Sent 13 buses of volunteers over three weekends out to hard-to-reach areas thanks to the generous support of JackRabbit, Saucony, Garmin, Clif and a private NYC donor.

-Received support and direction from a number of amazing Volunteer Location Contacts who provided us with daily updates on how/where to help.

-Created lasting and cherished relationships with each other, our partners and the communities we served.

There’s really only one word for this experience: Wow. Through our Marathon of Relief Efforts we were able to meet and work with amazing people from all over this city and from all over the world. And, we say THANK YOU to each one of you.

This experience has been incredible – at turns heartbreaking and challenging, but always inspiring. The members of devastated communities, even as they struggled to rebuild, welcomed us with smiles and thank you’s. Some of you had lost so much, yet came out to help others. You all displayed what is so great about humanity. Thank you.

These are memories we will never forget, and we believe you’ll hold onto this experience for a lifetime as well. Each one of you is an inspiration – for your dedication to your own communities and your compassion for others.

Do not forget that needs still remain as the rebuild continues. It’s come time for us to close the book on NYC MORE 2012, but we encourage you to continue to help. Please visit ourHow You Can Helppage.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. This is only the beginning, even as we say must goodbye.

Please be sure to share your stories and the lessons you gained with others for years to come. We know we will.

Jaclynn Larington and Sarah Hartmann heart NYC and we heart all of you. Truly.